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I’m Glenn Rempe, and I live with my wife and two daughters in San Francisco, CA where I’ve spent the last two decades working in the technology industry as a consultant, system architect, and system developer. Through my consulting career and serving as both Director of Engineering and Vice President of Engineering at two different startups I’ve seen both ends of the Silicon Valley spectrum. I am passionate about leading teams, continuous learning, software craftsmanship, open source software, operating at scale, and security and privacy using cryptography.

I enjoy travel (50+ countries, five continents, still more to go!), SCUBA diving, photography, and continuously improving my technology and management skills.

Here you’ll find links to some of the key sites I frequent, learn how to contact me securely using strong encryption, read a few blog posts, see some recent open source projects I’ve been working on, or view my Résumé.

This Site


The entire site is static HTML, CSS, and images that are generated by the Jekyll framework. All content is written in Markdown and the Liquid templating language.

Github Pages

All code and content resides on Github and this site is generated and hosted by Github Pages.

Keybase / Keybase File System (KBFS)

I host a signed certificate on this site and domain that allows you to cryptographically verify that I control all content here. You can verify using

A second copy of the generated static files for this site are hosted in the Keybase File System (KBFS) and can be viewed at KBFS cryptographically signs all served files.


Using Cloudflare SSL/TLS certificates I am able to achieve an A+ SSL/TLS test rating from Qualys SSL Labs for both IPv4 and IPv6 connections to [www.]

Getting security headers right with static sites isn’t always easy. Using Cloudflare workers I am able to set all appropriate security headers and score an A+ rating @ See for more info on how you can too.